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About the Author – Brendan Marshall


Hi!  My name is Brendan Marshall.  Feel free to take a look at my resume.  Also feel free to take a look at my play-by-play demo in the audio tab and my reporting/anchoring demo in the video tab.

I am a play-by-play announcer (as well as a producer and camera man) on High School Cube.  I graduated from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.   I am a licensed Paramedic and certified firefighter.

I have a Bachelor’s in Communications – Media/Journalism from the University of Hartford and an Associate’s in Liberal Studies.

I did play-by-play for the Dupage County Hounds.  I have broadcast High School football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey games on Sportstown Chicago as well as DePaul volleyball games on Chicagoland Sports Radio while at ICB.

I have interned with Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut, and WRMN Radio in Elgin, Illinois.

I am a White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Packers fan (yes, I have committed a mortal sin of not only not being a Chicago football fan but being a fan of their hated longtime rival.. nobody’s perfect).  But for the purpose of this blog, I will be posting about basketball.

Feel free to message or talk to me on Linkedin, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

  1. Brendan, you see like a decent guy with clear career aspirations. I’m forwarding an important article for you to read about copyright laws, and how you’re leaving yourself open for legal problems. As a person who’s familiar with journalism, you should always ask permission before taking someone’s work without their permission and publishing as your own.

    1. First you should always seek permission

    2. You should post a link to the blog, and not copy the photo to your blog directly. The Title of my blog is My Spectrum Memories………USA Today copied a couple of links to my pictures recently and I didn’t mind….The viewers were driven to my blog..and I got the credit for the image, even though I didn’t get a cent for it. When it starts happening to you, you’ll understand hahhaha

    Good luck in the future…but be careful…copyright law is becoming a very hot issue …
    roger barone

    • I’ve cited where I got each photo I posted.. it’s captured in italics at the bottom of the pictures starting with “courtesy of…” and then I have the link of where I got it from

    • Yours has your copyright name on it and it’s linked as Photos from Philly blog and it clicks right to it.. I’m sorry, I found it on a google search, should I change the hyperlink name to roger barone or should I just take it down?

  2. Brendan, thanks for your response…the link should be

    But understand this, by writing “courtesy” legally that means nothing, unless you’ve requested permission first, then it’s courtesy of “the source.” I’m not trying to give you a difficult time….Without getting permission first, you’re simply “stealing” someone else’s work.

    Read that story I send you, it’s very informative… As for my photo the win/win situation would be to simply post a link to my photo at my blog…. As you pursue your career, you want to create and develop new friendships that could help you in the future…You don’t want to upset people.

    I have a few photos on my blogs that other photographers have shot. I first offered to license the photo from them, and sought their permission. They both had stringent guidelines for me…”where they wanted the watermarks and what websites to use.

    The same case can be made for all the other photos on your blog…my advice: develop friendships and professional associations. I’ve been a news and medical photographer for more than 30 years..I have a lot of contacts…people that help me and those that I help.

    I could be asset to your blog by helping you with stuff in the future….that’s what you well, my friend,

  3. Brendan, that’s exactly where you start…and try several times if you do not hear a response…and then do what you did, but instead of copying the photo, place a link instead. Now, if there’s ANYWAY I can assist you in the future, with info’ or photos, let me know. You know have a new friend. send me your twitter and I’ll follow you…

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